About Us

The constantly changing healthcare environment demands that healthcare professionals stay up to date with the latest clinical procedures, advanced techniques, and cutting-edge technologies. Torramma recognizes the need for continuing comprehensive education programs that provide training to healthcare professionals at all experience levels in the areas of:

– Health sector management;

– Health facility management;

– Health financing (sector-wide and facility-specific);

– Cardiovascular diseases;

– Cerebrovascular diseases;

– Oncology and malignances;

– Neurology;

– HIV, TB and STIs;

– Rehabilitation;

– Family medicine.

This is the reason why we are offering best learning opportunities across the globe, including short-run study tours, longer training programs and frameworks for continuous qualification advancement.

Our target audiences:

– Health sector managers of various levels (national/federal, regional, local, facilities and others);

– Health financing specialists of all grades;

– Clinicians (family doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, incl. cardiovascular, rehabilitation specialists etc.);

– Medium and junior level medical practitioners (nurses).

Through our education programs, Torramma is dedicated to build an up-to-date health system, whether for the whole country, specific region or a given hospital, requires getting modern knowledge with skills and exploring best experiences available worldwide.

Countries at hand:

– Austria;

– Germany;

– Belgium;

– The Netherlands

– Poland;

– France;

– Switzerland;

– Georgia;

– Ireland;

– The UK;

– The US.

Other countries could be available upon specific request.

Contact us to learn more about Torramma education programs and upcoming training courses near you.