The remarkable training for a career in cardiovascular medicine demand diverse clinical experiences and academic and research opportunities across the broad spectrum of the discipline.

Dedicated learning experiences in electrophysiology, echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, stress and nuclear cardiology provide the procedural training required by today’s practitioners of cardiovascular medicine. Rotations through the coronary care units, the consultation services, the inpatient cardiology services, the heart failure service, and the weekly continuity clinic serve to hone the fellow’s expertise in diagnosis and patient management. The program offers elective time for training in preventive cardiology, interdisciplinary imaging techniques, cardiovascular surgery and vascular medicine. Mentored investigation is integral to all years of training.  In addition to our Training Program in Cardiovascular Disease, the Division of Cardiology also offers a number of advanced fellowship training opportunities.

We provide trainings for:

  • Health sector managers of various levels (national/federal, regional, local, facilities and others);
  • Health financing specialists of all grades;
  • Clinicians (family doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, incl. cardiovascular, rehabilitation specialists etc.);
  • Medium and junior level medical practitioners (nurses).

Through our education programs, Torramma is dedicated to build an up-to-date health system, whether for the whole country, specific region or a given hospital, requires getting modern knowledge with skills and exploring best experiences available worldwide.

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