We have served as partners for various healthcare providers for many years, giving us plenty of experience in providing healthcare facilities management services designed to help patients recover faster in a safe,

clean, environment.

By using a patient-centred approach and the skills of our experienced healthcare facility management team, we can analyze our clients’ facilities and come up with a series of effective but cost-efficient solutions tailor-made for each client.

All integrated Facilities Management solutions provided to our clients are entirely sustainable and are recognized by some of the best healthcare facilities in the country.

We provide trainings for:

  • Health sector managers of various levels (national/federal, regional, local, facilities and others);
  • Health financing specialists of all grades;
  • Clinicians (family doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, incl. cardiovascular, rehabilitation specialists etc.);
  • Medium and junior level medical practitioners (nurses).

Through our education programs, Torramma is dedicated to build an up-to-date health system, whether for the whole country, specific region or a given hospital, requires getting modern knowledge with skills and exploring best experiences available worldwide

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