This training puts students on the career track for positions that include hospital executive, managed care executive, healthcare agency director, physician practice manager and pharmaceutical sales director.

Torramma courses in Health Sector Management will position you to take advantage of the growing demand for health sector leaders, which has been fueled by dynamic changes in health care delivery today.  Whether you are seeking to advance your career within a health organization or transition to health sector management, the multidisciplinary curriculum will provide you with a solid foundation to succeed through a combination of courses in management and other business disciplines, public services and law.

With our educational program you will:

  • Expand your knowledge of complex health sector markets.
  • Analyze situations and data to gain strategic insights.
  • Gain skills for leading strategies and projects that advance organizational goals.
  • Connect with a faculty of scholars and practitioners and network with students, alumni and program partners from a wide variety of health sector organizations.
  • Learn from hands-on team projects, internships and fellowships that tackle real-world health sector issues

We provide trainings for:

  • Health sector managers of various levels (national/federal, regional, local, facilities and others);
  • Health financing specialists of all grades;
  • Clinicians (family doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, incl. cardiovascular, rehabilitation specialists etc.);
  • Medium and junior level medical practitioners (nurses).

Through our education programs, Torramma is dedicated to build an up-to-date health system, whether for the whole country, specific region or a given hospital, requires getting modern knowledge with skills and exploring best experiences available worldwide

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