The problems confronting people in our society are complex and create significant distress and hardship for many individuals. Our training programs prepare caring, highly skilled health sector specialists.

Students in these programs are prepared to facilitate human development across the life span, to advocate for clients and students, and to serve local, national, and international communities through the delivery and creation of up-to-date therapy services. The department achieves these goals by advancing knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate for effective and ethical professional counseling and therapy practices and by conducting and disseminating related applied research.

Students of all programs come from across the nation and the world to study with the highly productive, engaged and respected scholar-leaders on our faculty. We offer an

involved, high quality scholarly environment with many supports for student success in which diversity and engagement are actively valued.  Our Department prepares practitioners and scholars primarily at the graduate level.  However, we also offer basic courses in interviewing and interpersonal skills for students in other professional and graduate programs.

We provide trainings for:

  • Health sector managers of various levels (national/federal, regional, local, facilities and others);
  • Health financing specialists of all grades;
  • Clinicians (family doctors, cardiologists, surgeons, incl. cardiovascular, rehabilitation specialists etc.);
  • Medium and junior level medical practitioners (nurses).

Through our education programs, Torramma is dedicated to build an up-to-date health system, whether for the whole country, specific region or a given hospital, requires getting modern knowledge with skills and exploring best experiences available worldwide

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